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Brilliant Nurse

The Best online NCLEX exam review in the Philippines.

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About Brilliant Nurse

Brilliant Nurse offers The Best online NCLEX exam review in the Philippines.

Study & Practice online to Pass your NCLEX-RN Nursing Board Exams!

NCLEX-RN is accepted for licensing in both the US and Canada. Review, Pass & Get your Registered Nurse License - become a USRN.

With a Giftaway Brilliant Nurse gift certificate, you can enjoy a self-paced Online NCLEX Reviewer - for you or a gift for a loved one.

The online learning plans are designed perfectly for busy individuals like yourself, that don’t like to commute to review centers. If you have struggled with traditional review centers will love this self-paced NCLEX prep approach to learning + flexible review assignments.

Practice & Study for as little as 7 days, 14 days or 21 days. For best results, get the full, extended review for 1 month, 3 months of 6 months giving you enough time for immersive review and exam readiness.

This is an amazing gift for nursing college and university students looking to be ready to take and pass the NCLEX-RN Exams. Start planning sooner than later.

If you’ve failed the NCLEX before, you should definitely try this method of review.

brilliantnurse.com is accessible anywhere where you have an internet connection. The learning platform awesome on your computer or mobile devices - so you can study anywhere, anytime.


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