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Damaso Residencia

Intimate Dining, Private Setting (Reservation Required)

Food × Fine Dining × Mandaluyong

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  • Meal Set A - P12,000

    Meal Set A - P12,000


    Great for group dining (minimum of 8 persons)

  • Meal Set A (Add-on) - P1,500

    Meal Set A (Add-on) - P1,500


    For additional number of person for Set A

  • Meal Set B - P16,000

    Meal Set B - P16,000


    Great for group dining (minimum of 8 persons)

  • Meal Set B (Add-on) - P2,000

    Meal Set B (Add-on) - P2,000


    For additional number of person for Set B

  • Meal Set C - P20,000

    Meal Set C - P20,000


    Great for group dining (minimum of 8 persons)

  • Meal Set C (Add-on) - P2,500

    Meal Set C (Add-on) - P2,500


    For additional number of person for Set C

  • Meal Set D - P24,000

    Meal Set D - P24,000


    Great for group dining (minimum of 8 persons)

  • Meal Set D (Add-on) - P3,000

    Meal Set D (Add-on) - P3,000


    For additional number of person for Set D

  • Custom Value

    Custom Value

    58.82 eGift Value

    Great for group dining (minimum of 8 persons)

About Damaso Residencia

For information on menus, please email bambisygobio@gmail.com. You must contact Damaso Residencia at (0917) 848-0620 for reservation.

Restaurante Pia Y Damaso is notable both for its “subversive Filipino cuisine” and distinct interiors that reflect Spanish colonization. If you feel you’re somehow transported back in time by entering the restaurant, how do you think you’d feel if you had a colonial house to yourself for an exclusive dining affair? That’s what Chef Bambi Sy Gobio – the same lady behind the restaurant – wants to achieve by opening up her private residence to dining guests. Hence, the concept of Damaso Residencia was born. So if you want to put a touch of flair and class to your small and private gatherings, this place is bound to deliver.

Thanksgiving menu, anyone?

  • Split pea soup with bacon
  • Beef stew with mushrooms in red wine
  • Roasted turkey with chorizo stuffing

Life's a party:

  • It’s open for intimate wedding, birthday parties, or graduation parties
  • Planning a celebration soon? Make advanced booking


  • Mandaluyong

    311 Ortigas Avenue Greenhills East Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines


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