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About KKday

The world is a very big playground for every traveler, and as much as it is definitely exciting, it can also be a bit daunting. Where do you exactly go to get the most authentic experiences? How do you sample local culture without compromising your preferences? That’s what KKday endeavors to answer. Headquartered in Taipei, it’s a notable ecommerce travel platform that seamlessly connects travelers with carefully curated local tours and activities. So go ahead, explore over 10,000 travel experiences in more than 500 cities around the world. With KKday, you most certainly can travel your way.

What strikes your fancy?

  • Rail bike tour in Nami Island, South Korea
  • Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves in Sydney
  • Saigon nightlife at a glance

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  • The homepage of the site offers many suggestions by categories. Check them out!
  • You can also read the reviews of other travelers to help you decide prior to booking


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