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About Sun Cellular

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Making the good choice has never been this easy with Sun Cellular's array of value-added promos and services that provide you and your loved ones with strong connectivity, whether it's through call, text, or data. Since 2001, Sun Cellular's range of service innovations has constantly evolved—from voice, messaging and international roaming services, to today's wireless broadband, and even gaming, music streaming, chat, and mobile surfing.

Sun Cellular offers clients with both prepaid and postpaid options to fit your mobile lifestyle, and broadband plans and subscriptions that provide you with consistent, fast, and reliable internet, no matter where you are in the country, making you closer to those who matter the most, anytime, any day.

Prepaid Unlimited Connectivity

  • Sun Call & Text Unlimited
  • Sun Text Unlimited
  • Sun TextAll

Postpaid Lifestyle Plans

  • Sun Plan 350
  • Sun Plan 499
  • Sun Plan 600


  • Sun Cellular Prepaid eGift can be used top up your Sun Cellular Prepaid balance.
  • Each eGift has a unique code that corresponds to an amount/denomination.
  • The recipient is responsible for the safekeeping of the eGift code.
  • To use the eGift, the recipient must redeem a Sun Cellular Prepaid PIN/code through the link provided as part of the eGift details.
  • The Sun Cellular Prepaid PIN/code can then be used to top-up a Sun Cellular Prepaid SIM.
  • Sun Cellular loading is operated by Giftaway, Inc. and is not officially affiliated with Sun Cellular.

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