How It Works

  1. CHECKOUT Checkout Select an eGift, set your recipient's details, and pay by credit card.
  2. Send We'll send the eGift code instantly to your recipient.
  3. Delight Recipient goes to store with the eGift code to enjoy your gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an eGift?

    An eGift is a great, hassle-free way to easily make someone feel special. It's a gift voucher with a unique code and your personalized message. The code has a corresponding value, product, or service that your gift recipient can redeem at selected locations.

  2. How does it get to the recipient and how long does it take to arrive?

    eGifts are delivered to recipients via email or text message. It is sent as soon as the order is approved (which usually just takes a few minutes). You can also set a delivery date in case you want us to deliver it at a later date.

  3. Where can the eGift be used?

    The recipient can use the eGift at the locations of the store you are gifting. The locations are usually all of the store's locations but can sometimes be selected stores as indicated in each store's page.

  4. What does the recipient need to bring when using an eGift at the store?

    The recipient must provide the eGift code to the store manager or entrusted staff for validation. The code may be relayed verbally, from a mobile phone, or a print out. They may ask the recipient to present a valid ID for record keeping purposes.

  5. Does the eGift expire?

    Most of the eGifts we operate do not expire.

    Please check the brand's reminders and/or terms if there are any conditions for expiry. Corporate-sponsored and promotional eGifts may also have validity conditions that you must check separately with them.

  6. What if the eGift code is lost? How can it be retrieved?

    If the recipient lost the code, email us at Indicate the mobile number and/or email address to which the code was initially sent. The code will be re-sent after our support team has verified the mobile number and/or email.

  7. Can I buy in bulk?

    Yes, we will be glad to assist you on special orders, including bulk orders. Please email us at

  8. I bought an eGift. Why does it say Giftaway on my credit card statement?

    Giftaway is the official eGift operator and distributor of the merchant and it will either say "Paypal" or "Giftaway" in your credit card statement.